What It Means to Be a Supportive Spouse

December 5, 2017 By Corey Peterson

If we were to name one person who never doubted Corey Peterson from the very beginning, one person who knew and understood very well the passion and drive he had behind his beliefs and ideas, that would be his wife, Shelley Peterson.

Shelley Peterson is part of Kahuna Investments and helps with all aspects from finding deals to using her amazing communication skills to connect and communicate effectively. They have two children. Now, the power couple continues to build their name in the real estate industry. But before they arrived at the peak of their careers, they also had their share of struggles in the process.

Special “support staff”

Corey got fired from a number of jobs. Initially, any woman’s reaction is to panic. They had two kids to take care of, a big mortgage and she knew instantly that she alone cannot cover for all the finances that their family needs. She recalls seeing Corey working a lot even in the wee hours of the morning in his office. Then things got a little worse so they had to sell their house. They moved out, rented and cash flowed it and moved in with Shelley’s sister for nine months. They had to move their furniture out and lived in a room. The kids had to share rooms with their cousins. During this time, Corey was just starting in the real estate business but during those nine months, they sacrificed and made sure that everything was paid for.

“I think for women, women want one thing. That’s security. I think that’s safe to say that. Security, peace of mind that everything’s going to be taken care of.” Shelly said. These were hard times for Corey and Shelley but he kept growing his business and was just killing it in real estate.

In spite of fear and insecurities, Shelley stood behind his husband with faith and unwavering commitment. Even though it took time for his efforts to pay off, Shelley never gave up on him. Finally, they were able to go back to their house. It was indeed, a very humbling experience for the couple.

Family First

Slowly and surely the couple became successful in their craft. Corey kept flourishing in his business. Meanwhile, Shelley also held up to her end and was able prove her prowess in the corporate world. Corey describes her as a very high achiever. She became a sales manager, managed 12 reps across the west regional but at the end of the day, they always returned to what values the most: their family. Work meant success for the couple but it also meant that they had to be away from each other and the kids for some time. On other occasions, they would have dinner, but felt like Corey wasn’t really “with them.” He was so focused with other things like his phone or laptop because of his work. So they set a goal. “There’s going to be a day where I’m going to retire you.” he promised to his wife. They triumphantly fulfilled that promise in three years.

Shelley had no doubt that his husband would do well. Indeed their life has drastically changed for the better. Shelley admits life at home is a little crazy and odd, because their kids drive them nuts, but it is still a very wonderful blessing. The simplest things in life like taking their kids to school or soccer practice, having dinner together, or spending a vacation without any distractions from work, has given them indefinite joy.

Their Secret

“The one thing I can say about my wife Shelley is that she’s been my biggest cheerleader.” It’s important for a lot of entrepreneurs to have a base, a safe base at home built with trust, confidence, and positivity. A home to return to where no one judges, undervalues and scorns on your efforts, goals and capacities. “Shelley has never done that to me. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader. I always felt safe at home.” Being a supportive spouse is really the best thing that she ever could’ve done for Corey.

For Shelley, the two most important things are one, just stay committed. Secondly, believe. Have faith that your partner can do it. If there’s any shred of disbelief that you have in your spouse or in your partner, you don’t have to say it. It will come across in your tone, your body language. Shelley believes that her husband is a rockstar and is destined to to great things. Never in their entire life together that Corey felt a shred of doubt from her.

They allow each other to grow, to make mistakes. Corey who took all the risks in their investment came across some bumps on the road but they acknowledged these mistakes and learned from it. Despite the failures on their real estate venture, they just kept on looking for a way to make it work, moved forward and found a way to win.

Support means focus

We know Corey as the person that always reminds us of the importance of the word focus. In his experience, during the time when Corey was just starting to do real estate, they really wanted to get out of debts. So they set everything on the table, read Dave Ramsey, moved out of their house, rented it out and cash flowed his home. They made $20,000 to $30,000 off the fix and flip. Then he transitioned into Multi-Family. “…Once you start getting there, it’s not as difficult. But initially, that initiate inertia is a lot of work.”

Every couple will always be pushed to make difficult choices to achieve the position that you want to be in, and luckily for Corey and Shelley, they have a great family support. Entrepreneurship requires you to possess courage and confidence in taking risks and making decisions. That’s why having a great source of support and trust will help you focus on your goals. Support as valuable as this must come from the spouse where faith, commitment, positivity and trust is felt and not doubts, skepticism and fear.

“…I used to be a car salesman when I first met my wife. Somehow she saw a rough diamond. I felt like on a lump of coal you saw a rough diamond… But what I always equate Shelley to is my polisher. She polished my diamond, me, with her words of praise or songs of encouragement, her words of endearment.” Shelley was the one person that kept his soul alive. She never doubted him, and this made him the successful man that he is now.

“…I think that my love for you, my commitment towards you and my faith in you outweighed those insecurities…” Despite everything that they have been through, she firmly believed in the man that she chose. “…I know you can. I know you can do it. Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.”

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